1. All RSTA employees are employees of the league; they are not employees of a specific team.
  2. All RSTA employees will be required to attend the "Rusty Guard" training conducted by Reston Association that will be scheduled; the RSTA employee will need to attend only one of the sessions.
  3. RSTA employees may not work or attend any RSTA function or event under the influence of alcohol or any other illegal substance.
  4. RSTA employees may not physically possess alcohol or any other illegal substance at any RSTA function or event.
  5. RSTA bans the use of tobacco products at all of its functions.
  6. RSTA employees will not engage in, condone of or be involved in any manner with hazing or bullying while representing RSTA.
  7. RSTA will not tolerate any act of inappropriate behavior by its employees, including violence, vandalism, lewd or lascivious behavior, harassment or the use of obscenities.
  8. All RSTA employees will adhere to the RSTA social media policy.

Coaching News

News: The online store for All Stars merchandise i...
12 Jul 2018 10:26 - RSTA Tech

2018 RSTA All Stars gear is now available more...

News: Registration has been closed
24 Apr 2018 11:15 - RSTA Tech

Registration is closed.  All teams are final!