• Responsible for establishing relationships with all RSTA coaches
  • Must work with each team on a bi-weekly basis
  • Provide constructive feedback to coaches in the areas of:Be available for any questions related to coaching
    • Technique
    • Leadership
    • Conflict Management
    • Practice Planning
    • Communication
    • Preparation
    • Decision Making
    • Other skills required for coaching success
  • Consolidate and share best practices from all pools
  • Serve as an example/role model
  • Mentor coaches in 'off-deck' preparation tasks, e.g. practice plan development, seed meetings, etc
  • Participate in upfront coaching training session
  • Participate in the coach performance review process and provide guidance for coaches in completing their reviews
  • Centralized substitute management (request and assignment management/ purchase and use the same software used by RA) - under direction of Angela and Katy


  • 8-10 years experience coaching and/or teaching swimmers
  • 2-5 years experience coaching and/or instruction young adults and/or teens
  • Knowledge of the mechanics of all strokes
  • Understanding of all RSTA rules and practices
  • Understanding the unique culture of RSTA relative to other summer swim leagues and other youth sports
  • Understanding of parents' needs and the benefits/ challenges of a volunteer-run youth sport like summer swimming

Additional Considerations

  • Prior participation in RSTA as a swimmer or coach is a strong plus

Compensation and Estimated Schedule

  • Services performed in this role will be paid on an hourly basis at a rate of $35/hour.
  • Upon season start, assumes ~10 hours per week for 8 weeks
  • Pre-season Prep: May 15-30
    • Mentor Onboarding and Coach training planning - 2 hours
    • Coach training session participation on May 22 - 4 hours
    • Additional coach training session (if needed) - 2 hours
  • Swim Season: May 30- July 30 (end of regular season)
    • Observe 4-5 different team practices per week over first 4 weeks of season
    • During observation sessions, meet with Head and Asst Head Coach before practice, inform of plan for interaction (observation only or providing pointers where appropriate) during practice, and summarize feedback at end/engage with Personnel Committee Rep as appropriate
    • Provide weekly brief (5-10 bullet points per team) to Personnel Committee over first 4 weeks on how coaches are performing
    • Work with Personnel Committee to adjust schedule over weeks 5-8 to rebalance allocation of time by team- spending increased time with coaching staffs needing additional assistance or more targeted support.

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